2021 Powercor Melbourne to Warrnambool route

Powercor m2w

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Avalon Airport

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Raglan parade WarRnambool


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c grade qualifiers

Rolling Road Closures and Cut Off Times

Due to the increasing safety concerns of competitors who find themselves outside of the 15 minute Victoria Police envelope and subsequently racing in live traffic conditions, AusCycling and the Warrnambool Citizens Road Race Committee find it necessary to approve competitors wishing to enter the C Grade Support category.

To be eligible to race in the C Grade Support category you MUST be, at a minimum, a B Grade state level rider or have raced open state Road Race events.

The Powercor Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic is a race and not a participation ride and so it is therefore necessary for the safety of everyone that we must impose these restrictions.

AusCycling has the right to withdraw an entry based on the information received on the ability of each rider entered to race in any category.

Cut Off Times

Once a competitor is passed by the rear Police support vehicle, they are deemed to be outside the 15 minute race envelope and therefore MUST abide by standard road rules. The sag wagon will follow the final rider on the road and will have the support of a first aid team and a mechanic until such point where they reach the cut off times indicated.

When a rider reaches the cut off times they will be required to withdraw from the race and hand in their race number and transponder.

Support services will then be moved forward to follow the competitors still within time limits.

Cut Off Trigger Points

  • Intermediate Sprint #2 (85kms): 30 minutes behind the leading rider overall.
  • Feed Station #2 (127kms): 45 minutes behind the leading rider overall.
  • Intermediate Sprint #4 (202kms): 60 minutes behind the leading rider overall – after this point there’s no medallions available.

Victoria Police, along with the commissaires will monitor and issue infringements to riders not obeying Victorian road rules when outside of the race envelope

AusCycling and Victoria Police have worked closely over the past few months to develop a safe strategy to deliver the Powercor Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic. It is critical that riders and team managers obey instruction from Victoria Police and the Race Directors Team.

In an instance where a breakaway occurs and the race envelope stretches to beyond 15 minutes Victoria Police will apply the following ruling:

  • If the majority of riders are in the breakaway group, the Police tail car will begin passing riders, therefore placing riders outside of the road closure.
  • If the majority of riders are in the main peloton, Victoria Police will instruct through the race director for the peloton to increase the pace of the race and shorten the breakaway gap.

Riders and team managers need to ensure instructions from the Race Director are followed. The Event Permit and Victoria Police resourcing allow for a road closure envelope of 15mins.

Victoria Police have the power and have indicated that the race will be abandoned if riders fail to obey instructions when it comes to managing the race envelope

Four feed stations:
61.5 km Winchelsea
129.8 km Irrewillipe Red Reserve
187.4 km Port Campbell
229.3 km Nullawarre

Neutral Spares

SRAM Neutral Race Support will provide neutral race support for the duration of the race.

Spares will be shadowing the commissaire vehicles and provide Neutral Support for riders in all categories.

There will be three vehicles and one van used to provide this service. These vehicles will be clearly marked and located near the teams parking area close to the start line.

It is strongly recommended however that all riders not in the NRS category carry a pump and spare tube should you fall behind a spares vehicle and the next one is some distance away.

Best endeavours will be made to service riders as quickly as possible.

Neutral Spares will not be responsible for any loss of time due to riders having to wait for service to continue.

Remember, support vehicles for graded riders will not be allowed to follow the race convoy. This will be managed by Victoria Police so we encourage all graded riders to plan accordingly to make use of this service.

The women’s category will have a dedicated mechanic servicing the women entrants.

Heat Policy

The AusCycling Heat Policy will be implemented in the event of extreme hot weather. Policy can be found here.

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