Stories of the 2019 Powercor Melbourne to Warrnambool: Mark Seddon

The 2019 Melbourne to Warrnambool was my first mass start race experience, and at over 250kms it Wasn’t for the faint of heart. Preparation is key, and too much is never actually truly enough.

After only finding the bike a few years Prior to starting the ‘Warrny’ it was the pinnacle of my short cycling career, and I didn’t leave any stones unturned, after entering A grade I was excited at the prospect of testing myself against the best talent in the NRS over a day that resembled one of the bigger stages of a grand tour.

The Warrny is a race that will have you experience all the high and lows of life. It will test your attrition and character but the elation of finishing is a feeling that can’t be described. As I stated in my introduction I can’t understate the importance of preparation, food- eat like its your last meal, drink- like a sailor on leave (just the water and electrolytes though), train- like its Le Tour de France.

Now onto the topic of Training, Mine involved a solid summer of preparation riding A grade crits in Melbourne and handicaps with Seymour Broadford CC, sometimes both in the one day. At least one 5-6 hour ride a week in the 2-3 months leading into the race, and a massive block a month out involving approx 800kms a week, and the outcome for me was a solid finish with the main peloton in a time just under 6.5 hours.

I would recommend this race to those willing and able to commit to the preparation, it could potentially be a very fruitless outing otherwise.

I look forward to seeing you there in 2020, and don’t be afraid to come and say Hi to us in team Cyclehouse.

Mark Seddon.


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